"Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different."
- Jack Kerouac

New Growth

New Growth is about new perspectives, new thinking, and creating truly new offerings - offerings which delight consumers, redefine the landscape and alter the trajectory of the company.

Looking through the lenses of Technology, Business and Design - individually and collectively - allows us to see differently, to think differently, and to identify opportunities to create something new which is
feasible, desirable, and viable

For Established Companies

There are many types of growth for an ongoing enterprise: a new customer or channel, or another product in the line can provide organic growth; the acquisition of another firm can provide external growth. But to achieve New Growth the company has to create new offerings which inspire both consumers and employees.

To do this requires the rekindling of the entrepreneurial spirit of startups, and the creation of something transformative.

For Startups

New Growth is the only growth startups know: the synthesis of something new, that doesn't exist in the world today. To create this requires diverse thinking and broad understanding of the wide range of risks and opportunities - Will that consumer behavior become common? Will that technology be cost-effective? Will that competitor become a partner?

New Ventures are risky by nature. Design Thinking can accelerate learning, illuminate the future, and increase the chances of success.